• No rote learning
  • No grammar studying
  • No word lists
  • No boring exercises
  • Deep language learning
  • Training automatic speaking
  • Training instant understanding
  • Only live Russian materials



  • A passionate tutor


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Lessons Online or One-To-One at Tutor's Location

Regular Russian Lessons
60 min

Learn Russian in-person at tutor's place in Moscow or online.


Micro Daily Lessons 
15 min

Week sets of four online micro-lessons from Monday to Thursday.

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My teaching style is inspired by TPRS method (Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling) developed by a high school Spanish teacher Blaine Ray in California and Deep Approach to Language Learning initiated by Prof. F. V. Tochon at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Those approaches to language learning are for sure the best existing today.


Therefore I base my teaching work on the following principles and practices:


  • Training automatic speaking
  • Training instant understanding
  • Unconscious acquisition of grammar
  • Developing linguistic intuition
  • Memorizing words through multi-context repetitions
  • Only live Russian materials relevant to the student’s personal goals
  • Comprehensible input
  • Learning through meaningful actions
  • Live interaction between the students and the tutor
  • Student's emotional comfort

I never stop hunting for new techniques, tricks and tips and use the best of them with my students.

Lessons content


95% of lesson time the student trains speaking and understanding live Russian speech.


Grammar explanations pop up here and there to clear up the content of the conversations and are limited to about 5% of lesson time. 


Reading is limited in the beginning but may be increased as the student progresses in speaking.

Writing is the last skill to train and as a rule it is trained beyond the lessons as a homework if the student wishes to do so.


Going outside in a supermarket, a shop, taking a transport, cooking, drawing, playing games, inviting a guest may be included in the lessons from times to times, depending on the theme, proficiency level of the student, his wishes and abilities.


Lessons include lots of videos of small memorable stories accompanied with the TPRS technique of repetitive circling questions around the stories to train instant understanding and automatic responding in order to provide deep language learning.


All those means work to involve maximum perception channels simultaneously, as well as motional and emotional memory.


I use English as a supportive language mostly in the beginning and reduce using it gradually as the student progresses in Russian.

A supportive language is one of the means to provide comprehensible input.

If your English is not very good, don’t worry. There are other ways to provide comprehension such as gestures, mimics, images, videos and acting skills of the tutor.


I guarantee

- Deep knowledge of Russian for a lifetime

- Stable gradual progress

- Feel-good learning process



I had the chance to have two lessons with Inna. She really knows, what she is doing. And I had a good first view into this not so easy language. I could get so much out in this short time. So when someone could spend more time in Moscow than me, Inna will bring her or him to a high level. I am absolutely sure!

Thanks Inna and DA SWIDANJE!"


Florian Arnold, Switzerland

From Tutor's Facebook page

About the tutor


I'm a certified full-time Native Russian Tutor with feel-good vibes, advanced approach and professional attitude.


My professional and private experience has always been related to interacting with foreigners. I got used to it and it became a meaningful part of my life.


The idea to become a professional teacher sounded great to me because I like intellectual and emotional interacting with people, especially one-to-one or in a small group.


I love digging in language learning methods and researches, hunting for tricks, tips and shortcuts.


As I face a lack of materials with comprehensible input for Russian learners I engaged myself to develop such materials within my capacity and to share them with my students and the Russian teachers community.

Teaching Qualification


Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language Diploma


Moscow State University - Moscow, Russia - 2011 - 2012

Methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language



Russian State System of Testing Russian Language Proficiency Certificate


Moscow State University - Moscow, Russia - 2012 - 2012

Preparation for the Test of Russian as a Foreign Language (TORFL, TRKI) for citizenship and residence


Languages Spoken

Russian (Native)

English (Advanced)

French (Beginner)

Spanish (Beginner)



At tutor's location: Baumanskaya metro station (line 3), two min walking

Online lessons. Tutor's time zone: Europe/Moscow GMT +3:00